My Msc Thesis

Fig1. VSC based microgrid model

    I am currently working on voltage control of islanded ac microgrid with robust performance approach
    My aim in this project is to design a state feedback controller and calculating controller gains by solving a convex optimization problem with H_infinity performance approach.

    Abstract of my first paper:
    In this paper, a decentralized robust control strategy for the islanded operation of an inverter-interfaced microgrid is presented. The system is consisted of two Distributed Generations (DG) that are connected to a local load using inverter, RL filter and a step up transformer. The objective here is to guarantee stability and desired performance under large load perturbation and Plug-and-Play (PnP) of the DGs. To achieve that aim, a Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) based H_∞ state-feedback control technique is used for each DG. The main properties of the proposed controller are that: 1) the control design is fully decentralized; 2) the stability and the desired performance of the overall system is guaranteed; 3) the controller is robust against PnP functionality of the DGs; 4) the controller is robust against large load perturbation. The ability of the proposed control strategy with regard to voltage tracking, load changes and topology changes is evaluated on various case studies based on time-domain simulation in SimPowerSystems Toolbox in matlab.